What is a Quantorium?
Children's Technopark "Quantorium" is a federal network of children's technoparks where children receive additional education. This is a unique environment for accelerated development of children in current research and engineering areas. This is a platform equipped with high-tech equipment, aimed at training new highly qualified engineering personnel, developing, testing and implementing innovative technologies and ideas. These are huge structured territories where children are taught for free.

The idea of creating children's technoparks "Quantorium "was proposed and approved in 2015 as part of the program of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives"New model of the system of additional education for children". Since 2016, the federal network of children's technology parks has been developing, designed to become incubators of new engineering ideas in Russia. Today, children's technoparks "Quantorium" are being built according to the project "Success of every child", implemented within the framework of the national project "Education". The project aims to involve as many students as possible in engineering and research activities in a wide variety of fields.

The Ministry of Education and Science expects that in this way young talents will actively develop and take prizes at the leading international competitions of excellence among children, adolescents and young people. And in the end, the country will have active thinking technical specialists who will revive the industry and will be able to give an impetus to the development of the country's internal reserves.
Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva: "Such projects are the future, which should be accessible to all. This is necessary, because with the great task of technological breakthrough that the country faces, we really need the natural science and technical creativity of our children, and at the end of the implementation of the national project, quantoriums will be in all cities with a population of 60 or more thousand people."
The training is conducted in 14 areas with futuristic names, which are designed to arouse the increased interest of young people. These so-called "quantums", which are the basis of the entire "Quantorium" system»:

• Autoquantum
* Aeroquantum
* Bioquantum
* Geoquantum
* Cosmoquantum
* Mediaquantum
* Nanoquantum
* Industrial Designquantum
* Roboquantum
• High-tech shop
* Energikvantum
• Data-quantum
• IT-quantum
• VR/AR-quantum

In each division, children are engaged in their own type of activity. So, in IT-quantum they program and learn to protect data on the Internet, in bioquantum they study microbiology and biotechnology, in aeroquantum they get acquainted with the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Any child can get into the "Quantorium", regardless of the degree of his talent.

The very idea of the Quantorium is that children, while playing, learn advanced technologies and learn to apply theoretical inventions in practice. At the same time, it is not necessary to "register" in one quantum. Although this is not recommended, but if you want, it is easy to go to another and a third, choosing the direction that most fascinates.

Of course, children do not learn new information by themselves, but under the guidance of experienced teachers from leading universities and prominent experts in their field. They teach children to learn, that is, mentors do not pass on only the accumulated knowledge to the child, but teach him to ask questions, work with a large amount of information and verify it. In general, there are two components of the educational process:

team work aimed at achieving real results, with the use of professional skills (so-called Hard-skills);
children receive knowledge related to the above-subject or inter-subject (Soft-skills), such as: the ability to set goals and look for different ways to achieve them, the ability to correctly formulate and clearly express their thoughts, the ability to work in conditions of fierce competition and under tight deadlines, the ability to search for information in various sources and structure it, the ability to justify their point of view, the ability to think critically and objectively evaluate the results of their work.

How much does the training cost?

All children's technoparks "Quantorium" work for free: this is a government project. The financing is carried out at the expense of the regional and/or municipal budgets, with the involvement of funds from industrial partners.

Regions can also recruit students on a paid basis in excess of the established state task, as well as during summer thematic shifts and the implementation of partner programs.

What are the requirements for children who want to study at the Quantorium?

The only requirement is the desire to learn new things, to develop yourself, and to be ready for change. Children's technoparks "Quantorium" are not a privilege for gifted children: they are available to everyone. The maximum number of students depends on the specific number of places in the regions.

We believe that every child is talented. Our task is to identify this talent and develop it.

Technopark goals

* Intellectual development of children and adolescents, their involvement in engineering and research activities;

* Formation of an innovative, inventive style of thinking, that is, to teach you to think outside the box and see the world from the point of view of the creator and the converter;

* Help determine the choice of a promising and popular specialty