The basics of geography and geodesy, the construction of maps and 3D models of the area, the analysis and visual representation of spatial data, the creation of virtual tours and work with unmanned aerial vehicles-all this wonderful world is opened to children in the classes in Geoquantum.
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Good specialists in the field of geoinformation systems are constantly required for geological exploration and mining, in urban planning and housing, land management and agriculture, in transport and logistics, in defense, security and other industries

The purpose of the program is to develop students ' stable knowledge and skills in the field of geoinformation systems( GIS), remote sensing and aerial photography, cartography, 3D object modeling, and the basics of piloting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)..

Geoquantum students work with high-resolution satellite images, aerial photography, GPS/GLONASS data and all the variety of spatial data, get basic skills in photographing and panoramic shooting with the creation of spherical panoramas, build 3D cities, study natural and man-made processes, solve problems related to ecology, history, marketing, urban environment, agriculture and everything that surrounds us.