The high-tech workshop is a high-tech prototyping laboratory for practical training and research, where engineering, invention, CAD/CAM systems, laser technologies, additive technologies, CNC machines, electronic components, 3-d printing, and the basics of technology entrepreneurship are brought together. Here, on the available modern equipment, you can make any part or device, starting from the figurine of your favorite character and ending with a complex electronic device. This is the heart of the children's technopark Quantorium: here ideas turn into things.
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The high-tech workshop is a common technological platform for all branches of the Quantorium. It consists of two main parts:

Control part-here are computers with special software that allow you to design and set control programs for 3D printers and CNC machines.

Production part-the equipment on which the students ' design work is implemented (3D printers, software-controlled machines, etc.) is placed.

As part of the High-tech work, students with the help of a mentor study the necessary equipment and software for their projects, learn how to work with manual and electronic tools, as well as learn the skills of soldering and assembly.

In general, training in High-tech allows you to learn and understand how the things that surround us are created, what stages the design is divided into, and what is the process of creating a particular device.

When you come to High-tech with an idea, you will definitely make it a reality! Those who master the High-tech equipment perfectly will be able to take part in the All-Russian JuniorSkills (WSR) competitions.