The IT quantum is aimed at acquiring students ' fundamental knowledge in the field of information technology, as well as mastering promising areas: the Internet of Things (IoT), web programming, programming of microcontrollers, mobile devices, working in a team using case technologies.
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IT technologies are experiencing rapid growth and are increasingly penetrating all areas of our life. Modern scientific, technical and production problems can no longer be solved without the involvement of high-quality IT specialists. Learning programming languages and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies is a ticket to the future for young programmers.

As part of the introductory and in-depth modules, students will acquire fundamental skills and basic knowledge in the field of IT:
• microelectronics and circuitry on the example of the Internet of Things
• programming languages and technologies;
• tools and visual programming environments;
• web technologies;
• mobile development;
• local networks;
• Database.

The purpose of the modules is to acquire knowledge in the field of information technology as a tool for personal self-development, the formation of students' cognitive interest in the field of IT, in research and inventive activity, the formation of the ability to think outside the box and make decisions in conditions of uncertainty.