VR (English virtual reality) - Virtual reality is an artificial world created by means of computer modeling and is a simulation of the real world. AR (English augmented reality) – Augmented reality is a technology that complements the picture of the real world with digital elements (3D models, videos, texts, etc.) and allows you to interact with them.

Augmented and virtual reality – a special direction of quantoriums, closely related to any of the others. Knowledge from computer vision, tracking systems, 3D modeling, etc. will be extremely useful for almost every quantum.
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Today, with the help of these technologies, virtual simulators are being created for training doctors, training pilots, cosmonauts, and the military. Architects, design engineers, and industrial designers demonstrate the objects they create long before they actually appear. VR/AR is used both in museums and in complex production!

By mastering this program, students will be taught skills that will be in demand in the coming decades, many of which are included in the Atlas of Professions of the Future.

Within the framework of the VR / AR quantum, the basic principles of building a virtual space and creating audio-visual models in various development environments are studied. Having consolidated the knowledge of creating 3D models, textures and environments necessary for the correct operation of the system, children will learn how to apply and adapt the available tools and resources to solve a wide range of tasks.

Special attention is paid to team work and project activities in the training course. For example, you can participate in the creation of AR-quests (quests with elements of augmented reality), virtual city tours, educational applications on the subject of other quantums.